S-Series Dual Input Temperature Meter with Temperature Probe Installation and Activation Guide

Safety Precautions

  1. The temperature probe has a sharp point. Please be careful and keep the edges and points away from the human body.
  2. The device must not be disassembled or remodeled in any way.
  3. The device is not intended to be used as a reference sensor.
  4. Do not place the device close to object with naked flames.
  5. Do not place the device where the temperature is below/above the operating range.
  6. When installing the battery, do not install the inverse or wrong model of battery.
  7. The device must never be subjected to shocks or impacts.

Declaration of Conformity

This device conforms with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the CE, FCC, and RoHS.

Product Introduction


S-Series Wireless is an advanced resistance temperature sensor with a visualized data display. It features a diverse range of detecting probes, including an A-class food-grade temperature probe, a B-class temperature probe, and an A-class temperature probe.

The sensor is designed for measuring a wide range of temperatures in harsh environments and transmitting data using the SoniLink LoRaWAN Hub to SoniCloud. Users can manage all sensor data remotely and visually.

This meter/sensor is widely used for temperature monitoring applications like food processing, cold chain storage of food, etc.


  1. IP65 waterproof enclosure with dust plug, suitable for harsh environments.
  2. Supports automated temperature monitoring and records data with anti-tamper features to meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements, as well as the authenticity requirements of FDA 21 CFO Part 11 electronic records.
  3. Built-in two large-capacity replaceable batteries, ensuring extended battery life.
  4. Features low-consumption LCD display.
  5. Equipped with NVD and Type-C USB for quick and easy configuration.
  6. Configuration – Mobile App Via NFC
  7. Power Supply – 2 x 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 Batteries or Type-C USB (5V/1A)
  8. Battery Life – 3 years with one or two probes
  9. Operating Temperature - -30°C to +70°C
  10. Relative Humidity – 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

Hardware Introduction

Packing List

Hardware Overview

Button Descriptions

Screen Descriptions


  1. The screen is only displayed when the temperature sensor is connected to the device. The screen is turned off when no sensor is connected.

Dimensions (mm)


Device Installation

Installation can be either Wall Screw Mounting or the device can be handheld if it will be moving to different areas around your location. If the device will be handheld, please keep in a safe place and power off the device when not in use.

Wall Screw Mounting:

  1. Fix the wall plugs to a flat surface according to the device mounting holes, then secure the device to the wall plugs using the screws. When installing, please ensure the LCD display is positioned vertically on the ground below eye level for clear visibility of the content.
  2. Cover the screws with the cover caps.
  3. Plug probe into Channel 1 (if single probe) by removing the cap from the channel and setting the pins in the correct position from the probe to the channel and screwing in the probe to secure.
  4. Turn the power on by pressing the white button on the right side of the device.
  5. The screen will turn on once the device has been powered.
  6. Battery levels are indicated on the screen. When battery supply is less than half, use any USB-C type cable to recharge the battery.

Device Activation Guide to SoniCloud

Note: The temperature probe must be attached to the device prior to device activation.

Your S-Series Temperature Sensor has now been installed. Please follow the SoniCloud mobile app instructions to activate your sensor and add it to the SoniCloud site.

Device Setup via SoniCloud Mobile 

  1. Open SoniCloud Mobile (download using the QR code)
  2. Go to settings at the bottom right of the mobile app

  3. Select “Scan for S-Series Meters (NFC)”.
  4. Select which S-Series meter you are installing from the pictures on the phone or click to scan the QR Code on the device.
  5. Hold your phone to the meter to scan for the NFC chip (your phone must have NFC capabilities. This is the same function as Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay) 

    For Android devices:

     For iPhone iOS devices:
  6. Your phone will quickly scan for the NFC chip, and you should now be connected to the S-SeriesTemperature Sensor.

    Note: Phone cases may reduce connectivity scanning and may be necessary to remove the phone case from the smartphone for the NFC chip to connect fully.
  7. You can now complete the Implementation Wizard through the app.
  8. Select “Get Started!”
  9. You will be prompted to take pictures of the S-Series meter. 
  10. Once you have taken a picture of the meter select “Complete Installation”.
  11. You will see a pop-up to move on to the next step.
  12. At the top of the page, you will see that your S-Series Meter is now connected.
  13. Select “Next Step!”
  14. Name the point and use the drop-down to place the point of monitoring in the correct zone.  
  15. Select “Setup all points to finish wizard”  

Once the point setup is complete, your implementation wizard is complete for this S-Series meter and you will be rewarded with some confetti!

Now that your hardware has been installed and can now be seen on the SoniCloud platform, the below checklist has been provided as a reminder of the next steps the Admin needs to take to protect your assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency:

Login to www.sonicumonitoring.com to complete the following steps:

  1. If your site is still in Wizard status, complete the Wizard to view and use your dashboard or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 
  2. Select the area on the left side of the SoniCloud platform that your newly installed monitoring point is located in.
  3. Click "Edit" and then click the name of the newly added point to open the "Edit Point" properties page.
  4. Verify Point Name and Zone are accurate.
  5. Verify Scaling Profile indicates "Leak Detector".  If Leak Detector is not shown, use the drop down and select "Leak Detector".
  6. Click the drop-down arrow on the "Alarm Profile" and select the correct alarm profile to be placed on the new point.
  7. Click "View Alarm Profile" and verify the Excursion ("Threshold Alarms") is on (blue) and high limit is correct.

For additional questions regarding the S-Series Temperature Sensor, please contact Sonicu Support for assistance.  Sonicu Support can be reached by email at support@sonicu.com or by calling 317-468-2345.  Sonicu Support is available M-F 8 am-5 PM EST.