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Sonicu Meter Topology Guide

A brief summary of Sonicu Meter Transmission Types

Sonicu offers 3 different options for data transmission.  We can tailor our meters to what will work best at your location.  Data transmission options are determined prior to the installation at the customer’s location.  The information below details the different types of topology that is available that will be configured to the meters. 

Cellular is a great option for meters ‘on the go’ and locations with few meters and no Wifi coverage.

Cellular is particularly useful for mobile units, or locations with an unreliable local network.  For cellular meters to function properly, they will need to work in places with good cellular connectivity.  These meters will not work in places like basements or buildings with no cellular reception. 

SoniLink is the preferred, easy implementation for Sonicu meters as it can bypass customer IT requirements and is plug-and-play.

SoniLink will require a SoniLink Hub to provide connectivity.  The SoniLink Hub communicates via LoRaWAN technology.  LoRaWAN is very reliable and provides a very strong, stable connection.


Wifi is a great option for customers with strong Wifi coverage and helpful IT staff.

By default, every Sonicu meter comes equipped with the ability to transmit data via 2.4GHz Wifi. By utilizing the customer’s existing Wifi access points, Wifi can be the lowest cost way of implementing Sonicu’s monitoring solutions. Sonicu’s meters use an extremely low amount of data and will not cause excess traffic on a Wifi network. When Wifi works, it works great – Wifi settings can be configured by the customer via the SoniCloud Mobile App. All data transmitted over Wifi to SoniCloud is encrypted.

Wifi is not without its drawbacks. Wifi access points are normally placed to provide adequate coverage to the devices that people use on a daily basis, like cell phones and laptops. The location in which you place Sonicu meters may not be the same as the locations that are optimized for Wifi. If a Sonicu meter is unable to maintain a quality Wifi connection, there are only two solution paths: move the Sonicu meter to where it receives better Wifi or install additional Wifi access points. Also, if the customer’s internet goes out, the Sonicu meter will not be able to transmit data in real-time and will instead wait until the internet is re-established before it uploads data to SoniCloud.

If utilizing Sonicu into a regulated environment with a mature IT department, Wifi may require additional work (such as security assessments) that are time consuming and extend the time required to complete the implementation