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SoniShield View Installation FAQ and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your SoniShield View meter

Q) The View screen does not turn on, but the buzzer sounds, and/or the app still functions?

A) This is likely a power issue. Verify that the incoming power supply is plugged in.

Q) The screen is locked up and touch inputs are not working.

A) Push the reset button on the left side of the View.  If the View does not respond, remove the power from the View and fully reset the device for 10 seconds. 

Q) What if I am unable to find the View with the SoniCloud mobile app?

A) Close the app completely, reset the View using the reset button, and try to connect again.  If you still cannot view the device with the app, remove the power from the View for 10 seconds and reinstall the power. 

Q) Do I need to field calibrate my DPS probes to read pressure accurately at my location?

A) Yes, you can zero the DPS sensor to assure correct pressure readings.  Follow this guide to zero the sensor for beginning usage:

  1. Remove the tubes from the DPS sensor making note of which tube was connected to which barb to ensure the tubes are placed on the correct DPS barb when reconnecting the tubes.
  2. Open the SoniCloud mobile app & follow the snapshots below:

  3. Select the meter that you are currently implementing by either typing the last 4 numbers/letters from the serial number on the View as shown on the screen or scrolling down the list to locate the correct serial number.  

  4. From the Options list, choose "LED RESET VIA BLUETOOTH".
  5. Select "Dark Blue: DPS Field Calibration
  6. Your DPS readings have not been set for your location.


Troubleshooting your meter if it doesn’t connect:

You may need to run diagnostics and notify Sonicu Technical Support for assistance if your View will not connect to your network. Below are the steps to do this:

1. Open the SoniCloud Mobile app on your smartphone

2. Select “Settings” on the bottom right corner

3. Select “Scan for Sonicu Devices”

4. Find the device you want to diagnose by searching for the last 4 characters of the serial number and selecting the meter.

5. Select “Diagnostics Mode” then “Start Diagnostics”.9ostics Complete”.  Click ok.

7. Go back to Settings Menu

8. Select Contact Support (This will open an email to contact Sonicu Technical Support)

9. In the email, include the following info:  Your Name, Company Name, Location (if the specific site at the company is necessary), and meter serial number.  This will open a support ticket with all necessary info. 

10. Sonicu Technical Support will reach out to you asap to assist with troubleshooting.  



If after these steps your SoniShield View is still not connecting, contact Sonicu Support for assistance.  Email:  support@sonicu.com and submit a help ticket.  Please include the SoniCloud site name/customer name and the View serial number in your request.  For live support call 317.468.2345 during business hours (M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST)