View User Training: Responding to and Resolving Alarms with the SoniCloud Mobile App

Handling Alarms

The Alarms page shows you any ACTIVE or SNOOZED alarms (historic alarm information is not available via the SoniCloud Mobile app)


After selecting an alarm, you are able to view all actions taken on this alarm, and what the current status is, and you are able to take a new action by tapping the Select an Action button


After tapping Select an Action, a menu will pop up on your screen prompting you to choose either CommentSnooze, or Resolve


The Comment option allows you to leave notes on the alarm regarding the cause,  potential solution, or any other pertinent information. (Commenting will not affect the status of the alarm)


Snoozing the alarm will stop any re-notification or escalation protocols that are set up from activating during the snoozed time period on the alarm.


Resolving the alarm will set the  Meter/Sensor back into an unalarmed state, and remove the alarm from your Active Alarm lists. (Note: until an alarm is resolved, no additional alarms can be received for the sensor that the alarm is attributed to.