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What can I do on SoniCloud as a View User?

As a View User, you will have access to the SoniCloud Dashboard via Sonicumonitoring.com or the SoniCloud Mobile App.  The same credentials are used to log in via either application.   
On the SoniCloud Dashboard, you can perform the following functions:
VIEW AND ADDRESS ALARMS - As a View user, you can access the Sonicu alarm handler.  From the Alarms page, you can take the following actions on alarms - Comment, Snooze, or Resolve.  Training documents covering Alarms in both the App and the website are included on Sonicu Academy. 
VIEW ALARM HISTORY - As a View user, you can look at and comment on previously resolved alarms.  This will allow you to understand the situation that caused the alarm, or comment to provide more information on the alarm. 
VIEW CURRENT READINGS - As a View user, you can look at current point data.  You can look at all your points listed in a Zone, or you can click on a point and see the graphical data for that specific point.  
VIEW CALIBRATION INFO - As a View user, you have access to the calibration data for each point you have access to on SoniCloud.  This is especially important if an Admin is unavailable during a Site Audit.  
RUN SONICU REPORTS - As a View user, you can log into Sonicumonitoring.com and run reports on demand.  If you would like to automatically receive reports, please ask one of your Site Admins about being included in Automatically generated reports. 
For any questions regarding your SoniCloud access level responsibilities, please contact Sonicu Support for assistance.  Sonicu Support can be reached by email at support@sonicu.com or by calling (317) 620-8627.  Sonicu Support is available M-F 8 am- 5 pm EST.