S-Series Occupancy Sensor Quick Start Installation and Activation Guide

The S-Series Door Closure is only compatible with the SoniLink Hub.  If your Hub has not already been activated, please refer to the SoniLink Hub Quick-Start/Installation Guide before proceeding. 

Hardware Description


AI Occupancy Sensor uses anonymous people counting data to help you see and understand your space utilization. Easy and convenient wireless deployment, the benefits of LoRa technology guarantee low power consumption, long-distance transmission, and anonymous detection.  The sensor transmits data with no personally identifiable information involved, which 100% guarantees privacy protection. GDPR complaint.

Packing List


Hardware Overview

Field Of View – 90° Horizontal, 112° Vertical

Recognition Range – A radius of 16 feet, at a height of 10 feet.  Installed at the recommended 3 meters (~10 feet), the sensor covers a wide area of 78m2 (839 square feet)

Installation Height – 8 feet to 13 feet

Occupancy Sensor requires a power supply.  This sensor is not equipped with battery power.


Factors Affecting Accuracy:

  • Do not install the sensor too close to a door where moving objects may interfere with the counting area.
  • Do not install the sensor near direct sunlight as direct sunlight will interfere with the counting area.
  • Avoid installing the sensor near a mirror. 

    Other variables that could interfere with the counting area:
    • The floor color and the wall color are black.  (The brightness of the scene will be reduced due to the absorption of light by black.) 
    • The color of hair or clothes is close to the floor color.  (It will make it difficult for the algorithm to identify the correct object, thus affecting the accuracy.)
    • The contrast between light and dark in the scene is too strong. (It will cause the people to be backlit, which will affect the accuracy of the detection.)

Physical Ceiling Installation

The Occupancy sensor will come with 4 mounting screws. 

  1. Ensure the thickness of the ceiling is more than 30 mm, then attach the mounting sticker to the ceiling and drill 4 holes with a diameter of 6 mm.
  2. Fix the wall plugs into the ceiling holes.
  3. Plug the sensor into power into the back of the device using the Type-C Cable and power adapter (if needed), in the ceiling.
  4. Remove the cover on the device, then fix the device to the wall plugs via mounting screws.  Remember to adjust the mounting direction according to the detection area requirement and direction sticker on the inner cover.  
  5. Attach the cover to the device, note that the Sonicu Logo should be facing the LED indicator.  
  6. The sensor should automatically connect to the SoniLink Hub in range.

Once the Sensor has been installed, now is time to set the sensor up in SoniCloud.

SoniCloud Site Setup

Open SoniCloud with your login credentials

  1. If you are a new customer, the wizard should be available to set up your newly installed Occupancy Sensors.   (If you are an existing customer, your points will be available in New Points and should be moved to the correct zone.  Click here for existing customer instructions.)
  2. Click Wizard to open SoniCloud
  3. Click 'Point Setup'

  4. Scroll to locate the Occupancy Sensor points and click the down arrow.
  5. Select the correct zone where the point should be located on your SoniCloud site.
  6. Rename the "Point Name" to the designated room or naming convention of your choice.
  7. Click Save to save your changes. 
  8. Once your changes have been saved, the point will be located in the zone on your dashboard. 

If your site is still in Wizard status, complete the Wizard to view and use your dashboard or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 

If you are an Existing Soniu Customer and already have points on your dashboard, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click "_New Points" on the Area (left) side of the Dashboard
  2. Click 'Edit" in the center of the page
  3. Scroll down to the "_New Points" section
  4. Click on the point you want to edit
  5. Update the Point Name, select the Zone from the drop-down arrow, and click Save when complete.
  6. Verify the point name and zone is correct on your dashboard.  

Reports and Graphs are available for data analysis on the Reports page of the Dashboard.

For additional questions regarding the S-Series Occupancy Sensor please contact Sonicu Support for assistance.  Sonicu Support can be reached by email at support@sonicu.com or by calling 317-468-2345.  Sonicu Support is available M-F 8 am-5 PM EST.