S-Series Leak Detection Water Rope Sensor Quick Start Installation and Activation Guide

The S-Series Leak Detection Water Rope Sensor is only compatible with the SoniLink Hub.  If your Hub has not already been activated, please refer to the SoniLink Hub Quick-Start/Installation Guide before proceeding. 

These sensors are designed for liquid leakage detection including water, weak acid, and weak base.  These are not suitable for detecting hazardous chemicals, solvents, oil, fuel, strong acids, or other corrosive liquids.


  • IP-67-rated waterproof and UV-resistant enclosure for harsh environment applications.
  • Equipped with NFC for easy configuration with the SoniCloud Mobile App.
  • Embedded Temperature & Humidity Sensors for comprehensive monitoring in one device available. 
    • Temperature: + 0.3°C (0°C ~ 70°C), + 0.6°C (-30°C ~ 0°C)
    • Humidity: + 3% (10% ~ 90%), + 5% (below 10% and above 90%)
  • Multi-Year Battery Life of up to 5 years with a single 400mAh battery included.
  • 3 meter (9.8 feet) cable length.

The sensing cable consists of two blacIMG_3263k sensing wires and polyethylene.  When water covers the water rope at a length of 3 cm or depth of 1 mm, the device will send alarms.

Note:  This sensing cable does not pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Installation considerations:

  • Connect the connector on one end of the sensing cable to the device connector, then tighten the connectors.
  • Select the installation location.  The sensing cable can be wrapped around pipes, routed along to walls, or placed on the floor.  Ensure that the surfaces of the installation location are clean and free of debris, dirt, adhesive residues, water droplets, and other contaminants.
  • The installation location should be away from foot traffic, sharp objects, and areas where heavy items could roll or drop on the cable.  
  • Keep the cable away from all air-conditioning outlets or moist places to avoid errors in alarm notifications. 

Installation of the Device

Wall mount using the enclosed screws on a wall.  

You may also use 3M double-stick tape. 

  1. Attach the device to a wall and mark the two holes on the wall.  The connecting line of the two holes must be horizontal. 
  2. Drill the holes according to the marks and screw the wall plugs into the wall.
  3. Mount the device to the wall via mounting screws.
  4. Cover the mounting screw with the screw caps. 
  5. Attach the connector from the water rope to the bottom of the device and continue with the installation of the water rope.

Installation of water rope to floor walls

Note: The water rope comes with one connector and does not support the connection of additional water ropes to extend the detection length.  If you need to expand the length, contact your sales team or support for additional assistance. 

Attach the water rope to the installation location without a gap and fit it tightly with cable clips (not included).  Do not attach the water rope with glue or metal which may affect the detection sensitivity.  

Installation of water rope to pipes

Wrap the water rope around/along the pipe and fit it tightly with zip ties.  

To ensure the best connectivity to the SoniLink Hub, keep the device away from metal objects and other objects that could interfere.  

Although the water rope can resist dust and dirt, it is recommended to clean the cable regularly to maintain optimal detection sensitivity.  When cleaning, remove the sensing cable from the device connector, then use alcohol or soap water to clean the cable and hang it to dry.  Reconnect the sensing cable to the device connector when completely dry and replace it at the leak detector location.

Your S-Series Leak Detector Rope has now been installed. Please follow the SoniClould mobile app instructions to activate your sensor and add it to the SoniCloud site.

Device Setup via SoniCloud Mobile 

    1. Open SoniCloud Mobile (download using the QR code)
    2. Go to settings at the bottom right of the mobile app.
    3. Select “Scan for S-Series Meters (NFC)”
    4. Hold your phone to the meter to scan for the NFC chip (your phone must have NFC capabilities. This is the same function as Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay) 

      For Android devices:


       For iPhone iOS devices:

    5. Your phone will quickly scan for the NFC chip, and you should now be connected to the S-Series Door Closure Sensor

      Note: Phone cases may reduce connectivity scanning and may be necessary to remove the phone case from the smartphone for the NFC chip to connect fully.

    6. You can now complete the Implementation Wizard through the app.
    7. Select “Get Started!”

    8. You will be prompted to take pictures of the S-Series meter. 

    9. Once you have taken a picture of the meter select “Complete Installation!”

    10. You will see a pop-up to move on to the next step.

    11. At the top of the page, you will see that your S-Series Meter is now connected.
    12. Select “Next Step!”
    13. Name the point and use the drop-down to place the point of monitoring in the correct zone.  
    14. Select “Setup all points to finish wizard”  

      Once the point setup is complete, your implementation wizard is complete for this S-Series meter and you will be rewarded with some confetti!

Now that your hardware has been installed and can now be seen on the SoniCloud platform, the below checklist has been provided as a reminder of the next steps the Admin needs to take to protect your assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency:

Login to www.sonicumonitoring.com to complete the following steps:

  1. If your site is still in Wizard status, complete the Wizard to view and use your dashboard or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 
  2. Select the area on the left side of the SoniCloud platform that your newly installed monitoring point is located in.
  3. Click "Edit" and then click the name of the newly added point to open the "Edit Point" properties page.
  4. Verify Point Name and Zone are accurate.
  5. Verify Scaling Profile indicates "Leak Detector".  If "Leak Detector" is not selected, use the down arrow and select "Leak Detector".
  6. Click the drop-down arrow on the "Alarm Profile" and select the correct alarm profile to be placed on the new point.
  7. Click "View Alarm Profile" and verify the Excursion ("Threshold Alarms") is on (blue) and the high limit is correct.

For additional questions regarding the S-Series Wireless Leak Detection Water Rope, please contact Sonicu Support for assistance.  Sonicu Support can be reached by email at support@sonicu.com or by calling 317-468-2345.  Sonicu Support is available M-F 8 am-5 PM EST.