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New Feature: Group Reporting and Group Alarming

Group Reporting: Enjoy the same reports only with additional functionality.

Group Reporting Templates: Leverage your SoniCloud Groups to receive what reports you want when you want them.

  • Schedule single or multiple reports.
  • All users in a group can have multiple templates per report.
  • Schedule to receive a report daily, weekly, AND/OR monthly easily by creating a report template.
  • Reports can be run for an entire group or a single user on demand at any time.
  • Users can view the full history of reports generated by the template.

Why is group reporting so important?

Using groups helps to ensure all users see the same report, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

Because all group users can see the same report history, data can be more easily trended and viewed via SoniCloud instead of passing back and forth PDFs via email.

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Group Reporting

Report Histories

Device Summary template

Group Alarming: Your alerts tailored to your team.

The enhanced Group Alarming simplifies alarming so each group in a zone can be set to receive alarms simultaneously.

Group Alarming: Simplify alarming by moving alarming to the group for a more reliable, efficient, and maintainable monitoring platform.

Why is group alarming so important?

Using group alarming reduces the chance of an individual user being removed along with their alarm notifications which could allow for an alarm not being handled resulting in a possible loss of assets.

Group alarming is designed to allow each group on a zone to be set to automatically enable alarming.

In addition, the Alarm Config Snapshot tool provides for a quick and easy review of your SoniCloud site with group alarming.

Alarm settings

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